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"I propose a digital content strategy in accordance with the culture and language of your prospective clients, for a maximum visibility and lasting development of your brand."

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I am simultaneously swiss Italian, swiss German, German, French speaking, and lived in Australia for several years. My professional background in the fields of marketing and communication, my qualifications in digital strategy as well as my multiculturalism are real strengths that I offer to Companies for the creation of branded content and transcreation (creative translation).

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Personalized advice for success, whatever your goal.

Content strategy

The analysis of your target audience will be the basis for planning and organizing the distribution of your brand's editorial and visual content, in order to build a trustworthy relationship with your prospects and convert them into customers.

Content creation

A multicultural linguistic command that allows you to develop quality content precisely targeting your audience on a national scale without the need for external translators.


Developing your brand in other linguistic regions is only possible through creative and specific adaptation of your messages. This involves taking into account the language, the culture and the sensitivity of your audience. 

Social Media Consulting

Rigorous diffusion and follow-up of marketing campaigns on social networks to enable you to multiply your contacts, create commitment and build long-term customer loyalty.

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They trusted me

Christophe Voeffray, Owner, épicerie valaisanne, Lausanne

"Claudia has been very creative and professional in setting up my social network communication and newsletters."
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